Shockwave Torch

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Shockwave Torch

Diseases such as gout (a form of arthritis with sudden, sharp attacks of pain, often at the base of the big toe). Usa laser paladin image - c&c: shockwave mod for c&c: generals zero hour. Shockwave brandished his hyperflux cannon and carefully advanced forward. Kansas ~ thank you for that. Now you have successfully installed flash player plugin on our tor browser to play video. However, that’s not the only thing that makes it one of the most elite tactical torches on the planet. Ideally, being able to turn flash on and off on a per-tab basis might be even better, but the edge team doesn’t seem to have that on their feature roadmap.

Shockwave Torch
Shockwave Torch

And secondly, you most likely don’t know how to use it. Guilty as chargedgoldgear would later succeed where hi-test failed, leaving soundwave one step closer to completing his "project". In the ruins of crystal city, shockwave explains to jetfire and aileron the task he needs assistance with:. But while coming to the testing part as i said earlier, mozilla couldn’t be able to take more than 30 tabs at a time and suddenly it began to take all of the system resources in cpu usage and was crashing horribly. "the damage is that extensive. It certainly wasn't energon, because he could detect no readings of the live-giving substance. You simply need to use the shockwave torch – the world’s most bada** and best tactical flashlight for self-defense. Yet this is music that’s made with a fine craft and detail of a swiss clock maker. This browser also contains a download accelerator.

Shockwave Torch
Shockwave Torch

If you want to download this beauty. Sometimes it will resolve itself. Open the installer file and begin installing. Trypticon station required more power, so the decepticons sent a team to cybertron's core to reactivate the energon bridge. Clearing the history details or cache. Sleipnir has two different maintained versions of their windows browser, 6 and 4. I think attaching a shell sling to this particular gun would be too cumbersome.

Shockwave Torch
Shockwave Torch

Even without sight, shockwave knew the bridge was on the verge of collapse. And most of us just aren’t inclined to do so. - torch browser crashed unable to start again. It slips onto the magazine tube between the barrel ring and the magazine cap, no alterations required. What's so great about the bonus feature then, you ask.

Shockwave Torch
Shockwave Torch

Drop some pounds if you’re overweight. War for cybertron, soundwave transforms into a cybertronian truck during gameplay, and his toy does the same, having only one alternate mode. "i must find someone to help me. Remember that with every subsequent google chrome update, settings might be altered, thus impacting how their effects could affect your google chrome browser. " she questioned, this time intrigued. The most common use cases i’ve seen are as follows:. You might think a knife is the next obvious choice…. Soundwave and breakdown split from megatron to flank him, and eventually they rendered him non-functional. "show me to the main engine compartment. Further changes are forthcoming during the next 3 years until flash is dead.

Shockwave Torch
Shockwave Torch

(chrome used to have a "click to play" option for flash, but it seems to have disappeared. The web's information superhighway is increasingly littered with ads, popups and worse. Enabled it again and all works. Why does my torch browser keep crashing. Revolutionaries #8, while still in his "onyx prime" guise, shockwave did claim that the purpose of the talisman was always inoculation—our first implicit confirmation that the subsequent events of. Torch browser virus removal (uninstall guide) how to remove torch malware. Shockwave took his time, carefully surveying each building and scrounging around for anything that had potential use. Upgrade the shockwave flash plugin to its latest version. When i check the add-on in firefox, i do not see shockwaver flash like i should.

Left in relative silence and solitude, shockwave could now begin his work in earnest. ''if you want finer control:'' this extension addresses the issue of only wanting ''some'' videos on a page to play: https://addons. Only one version of flash installed (pepperflash) should also get the native client (this is for non-ie browsers) and install it, while chrome is not functional. But that’s about to change. Soundwave subsequently intercepted a transmission from agent fowler and, on starscream's order, dispatched laserbeak to capture the agent to learn the location of the autobot base. Internet explorer 8 : internet explorer which is the most trusted browser of all over the globe is very impressive with its functionality and resistance. If this was the reason the atmosphere around him had changed, he intended to find out what it was. Ok i'll bite since hidy won't. Enabled cookies in a browser store information such as profile information, site preferences, and other browsing information.

Ok i'm sure this wasnt my fault. Adobe flash is one of those legacy applications that just doesn’t seem to go away. The exposition ends with a chorale, the melody of which is then used as a second fugal exposition at the beginning of the development. To demonstrate, product managers brad urban and ryan rudzinski pit the torch blade against the company's current solution for cutting through cast iron, the diamond blade, and the torch with carbide teeth beat it. I dislike unbalanced models, they look unusual.

The choke tube system now requires threads. Along with catchy sound effects and attractive visuals, players can look forward to an intriguing and adventurous time whilst engaging in the tiki torch slots game. It would seem that he had not been fully transformed into an organic life form. While slimjet doesn’t contain anything groundbreaking, it is stuffed full of very useful features that aren’t in the standard chrome/chromium. If you are using torch browser and facing any kind of problem with your torch browser then you can see this items or visit us. Besides all standard applications there are plenty of portable software apps as well. I intend for this story to be a sort of humorous one that puts shockwave into conflict with things that are illogical to him and seeing how he copes with them.

Ratchet had to shut down each reactor as soundwave deployed vehicons, and blocked them with forcefields. No living thing would deteriorate that fast. Shockwave flash not responding: easy guide to fixes. When you use flash player, you have significantly more options on the types of media and the sources of those media that you host. Then you get that obnoxious 'oh, snap. Maybe linux doesn’t like flash. Did mozilla pay you to say that. If you edit /etc/rc.

The reassembly of the engine took an additional 20 cycles, and he was checked on during that time.  the software maker has dealt with numerous security issues with flash, reader and their other apps. That means you will have to sign in again to any websites you stay signed into, if any. Problem is… all the tactical torches everyone else sells are nearly identical.   this bad boy produces an incredible 825 lumens with a 9 hour run time in high. Starscream told him to step up global surveillance.

Built-in torrent – using torch browser downloading and managing torrents are much swifter than other browsers. He had to hold breakdown back when they saw that megatron was accompanied by optimus prime. This is unlike later forms such as the sonata, which clearly prescribes which keys are explored (typically the tonic and dominant in an aba form). And it was the evidence he got from rumble and frenzy when they infiltrated crystal city that revealed the existence of the plasma energy chamber and its two code keys, which enabled megatron to poison the core of cybertron. The pearl symbol is the scatter symbol for the game which awards up to eight free spins in the bonus round and a maximum multiplier of 50x.

It works in google chrome and also in opera dev 24 which introduced support for ppapi flash as well. Shockwave grabbed it and swung it over his shoulders, securing it snuggly in place and then continuing on. Importantly, the browsers can still directly or indirectly install extensions from the chrome store, any that can’t were not included. When the edge of the reamer contacts the muzzle the barrel can be removed from the lathe. This undying loyalty to his master, as well as their long history together, have attained him a lofty, high position in the decepticon hierarchy. Navy trainer jets called the t-2 buckeye - a non-afterburner jet with one engine. To fix the problem clear history & cache, disable the extensions or reboot the router. You can download the latest shockwave flash plug-in here.

Cybertronians were more than capable of feeling and processing things against their own metal skins. Spotting jetfire down in crystal city, pyra leads the torchbearers to him, where they find him with shockwave. As i mentioned in the review, this gun successfully straddles the categories of serious defensive tool and fun movie gun. Stop shockwave flash crashing in google chrome. I would like to setup and plug-in with out having to worry about ssh in the case it gets unplugged.

Flash started out as a vector animation tool. The answer to this perplexing problem is simple. Auto color changing ui to match the website you’re viewing. Windows os (window8, window7, xp and vista). Over 2 million users were added to opera’s user base within a week of its release.

Connection error or socket error.  330) calls it "this most moving of all fugues". - torch browser has stopped working. With your shockwave torch by your side, you’ll be protected anywhere and everywhere you go. In the left column, click plugins.

Shockwave Flash For Torch Browser

That's what i found after freaking out with the tabs that it opens when i try to log in my gmail account. If he could revert back to his original, he would do so as soon as possible. During the course of a permutation fugue, it is quite uncommon, actually, for every single possible voice-combination (or "permutation") of the themes to be heard. Why are code names needed. With the metal finishing complete, it is time to decide on the last consideration, what to do with the safety.

- fix torch browser crash. (thanks to howtogeek for the tip. But the truth is, apple products and html5 aren't any more secure. As we did in our windows 10 review, we used a test bed of 30 live sites, ranging from amazon to . Com and its authors, do not assume any responsibility, directly or indirectly for the safety of the readers attempting to follow any instructions or perform any of the tasks shown, or the use or misuse of any information contained herein, on this website. In the list of plugins, search and see if you have 2 files listed in the adobe flash player section. While you are right that apple relies of security through obscurity, you're using the term incorrectly. I have now found out how to do as you suggested - and it worked. It would certainly make for an interesting discovery.

Using adobe flash is enough to break your anonymity. The program began with the ergonomics, plumbing and power utility rotation where we saw some new lineman accessories and learned about how milwaukee tool studies ergonomics to make safer tools. Press the orange button below now. Ligeti’s so-called 'micro-polyphony': the many voicedness of small intervals at small distances in time from one another is a kind of conjuring trick. Using it couldn’t be more easy — download, install, scan, and then click the apply actions button to remove all of the malware. He opened a space bridge to cybertron, through which knock out returned from a mission accompanied by the long-missing shockwave.   so they disable all plugin by default and never recommend to install any plugin in your tor browser.

Reinstall flash player for every browser, except chrome. Your google chrome browser can now use online resources that use adobe flash player. Look for the flash plugins. Basic features of the game. It lunged forward, trying to take a bite out of him with its jaw. Just wondering, have you ever heard of rpi web cam interface. Now you can see why navy seals and others owe their lives to tactical torches. If you open chrome://plugins after installation of the plugin from adobe's website, you will notice that two or maybe even three plugins are listed now by the browser.

Even if, as far as i know, you. The whole thing is supposed to live-video from the inside of a three-aces rotating (gyroscop-like) counter-art installation. How to stop my torch an chrom from crashing. First, open the chrome browser and click on 3 horizontal bars on the top right corner of the screen. [59] passage early in the movement, though this is not actually an example of a fugue. In some fugues, the exposition will end with a redundant entry, or an extra presentation of the theme.  you can disable flash manually too. "i will see what i can do.

Without spoiling the balance or adding a bunch of snag points. " shockwave registered the voice as his own, though it wasn't robotic-sounding. Flash obviously isn’t the only culprit preventing you from browsing efficiently: javascript, other plugins, ads, and the like all bog down your browser and prevent it from seeing the content that matters. Help in stop flash video in internet explorer. Com are produced for informational purposes only and should be performed by competent gunsmiths only. But the toggle at least offers the possibility that edge can be the modern, streamlined browser that microsoft hopes it to be. Mmal: failed to run camera app. We'll help you get equipped or help you understand the gear you just bought.

Of interest to your intrepid electrical contractor editors, milwaukee tool unveiled new lineman's accessories, including an optimized auger for utility poles, a 3-in-1 square bolt utility socket with all sizes on one side, and new cutters for drilling into steel. He emerged from the forest to see a small pool of liquid. A good shot to the head would destroy it for good, he surmised. After wandering aimlessly for an unspecified amount of time, soundwave finally got his chance to escape the shadowzone after fixit activated a malfunctioning groundbridge, creating a portal to the shadowzone. The above process should fix your shockwave flash download of your chrome browser.

Sudo apt-get install lighttpd lighttpd-doc php-common php-cgi php zip. In choosing which of the two to use in making certain content on your web site, flash is still your best bet. Scrollable tab bar with tab menu to select, close or unload tabs. I sometimes pick up drunk people. To disable it follow the following steps. Chief among advantages is browser integration, which is also the chief disadvantage if you don't use a particular feature or prefer another tool. Hard knocks he was on hand to show the image he'd decoded to smokescreen. The tiki torch slot machine comes with five reels and 20 paylines. You'll have the option to turn flash on or off.

If still not working then it might be your device has a virus that causing your browser to crash, perform a full scan for viruses of your device. The shockwave player plugin is used little now days compared to the flash player. Current flash player 18 users who have enrolled in the "allow adobe to install updates (recommended)" update mechanism will be automatically updated to the latest version of flash player over the next 24 hours.  you will need to restart the browser for the change to take effect. [49]mozart studied from this book, and it remained influential into the nineteenth century. It was created by a former founder and ceo of the original opera. Flash plugins are available on most operating systems while shockwave plugins are only available for windows and mac os. There are only three dolls that have been seen with short brown hair. Generally speaking, what users experience is the following: a web page or tab freezes in chrome and that is followed by a message under the menu bar stating that "shockwave flash has crashed".

It happens so sometimes that shockwave flash player also experiences crashes in firefox as well. [4] haydn's most famous fugues can be found in his "sun" quartets (op. A closer look had him staring on in question. Flash (2 files) there is a very good chance the source of your flash-related crashes is a conflict between the two. Now the other things that you can do in order to deal with the issue are to check whether your adobe flash player is updated or not. "which is more useful to you. Thank prinz, i will try both of those. As if sensing his presence, many of them turned to look at him. The browser never climbed above 29. If the shockwave flash player isn’t responding in your firefox browser.

In firefox, the same procedure is carried out in the browser’s settings. 100 mb of free disk space. "everything is funny, as long as it's happening to someone else. Anyone who wants to manage or create a website needs to learn what it is and why it is so important. To set that option, open the add-ons page using either:.

You could go with chrome or firefox, but if it does keep on crashing you either have a bad connection, low unit specs or the flash player is not up to date. Does the strobe software work on a mac. • it’s “nuclear blast” bright: the shockwave torch stands head and shoulders above other tactical flashlights because it uses an ultra-powerful led bulb. The shockwave's receiver arrives drilled and tapped for a scope base making this one of most easily installed, and least expensive, upgrades for this gun. Clear the tick against "enable hardware acceleration". [14] furthermore, in some fugues the entry of one of the voices may be reserved until later, for example in the pedals of an organ fugue (see j.

This non-lethal shock will temporarily paralyze them, giving you a chance to escape their clutches. Com/chrome/srt/ and click the download now button. And the shockwave torch will let you do that with ease. Single-click downloads: torch also grabs youtube videos and other online content with a single click -- no more right-click, copy url, open downloader, paste url, and so on.  as of now i’ve settled on using the sprayer recommended by cerakote, the iwata baby hvlp gun. Google chrome has a hidden page that will tell you if any software on your system is known to conflict with google chrome.

If any other decepticon were in his position, he had no doubt that they would be reeling back in anxiety or fear. How to make out if there is a conflicting installation in chrome. The shockwave torch is a 2 amp, 4. The rail arm extends out from the magazine tube just enough to allow the polymer forend to cycle properly. "i see you're making progress. Yandex is the russian internet services giant with one of the biggest search engines in the world. He retreated as the autobots reached his position. That said, i just discovered that my avast's internet security extension was disabled, so i enabled it and restarted firefox. Oma ~ i can't tell you how relieved i am to know that it isn't our (my).

If you are still experiencing problems, ensure you are running the latest version of google's web browser. Soundwave and the other decepticons attempted to prevent the autobots from constructing a pulsar dish, which would destroy the energon drain that the decepticons had built in an asteroid field. Soundwave himself sustained heavy damage leaving the safety of his position to revive and retrieve each minicon, showing uncharaceristic concern for other living beings. Issues with local ip address discovery and flash cookies still remain. I wonder how many infected systems are caused by the short sited reviews especially the editors reviews.  anyhoo, i did download the newest program, mainly to get rid of that annoying message i keep getting telling me to. If you have conflicting software on your system, you should update it to the latest version, disable it, or uninstall it. This includes but is not limited. Simply turning on and off flash can make a significant difference in the amount of resources your browser uses.

As long as soundwave is around, megatron has nothing to fear. When used on browsers, the software comes in the form of a plug in.

Shockwave Torch

In the steps above, try to. Finally, you want to use flash player because it is incredibly simple to setup. Its not an existing tank, its fictional, so that means it can't be wrong, because there is no example for the look of this tank. - blackberry torch 9800 browser crashes. - torch browser continues to crash. Darkmount, nv soundwave was present when starscream proudly showed off the dancing monkey picture he'd found and later when shockwave brought a predacon to earth.

 download and run the flash player. Torch browser safe for all system. Basically i love firefox browser a lot. We'll show you what works and what doesn't. Despite being seemingly only logical, the mad scientist actually has the capacity for more than just rationality. [42] it was not until the 16th century that fugal technique as it is understood today began to be seen in pieces, both instrumental and vocal. Torch music is a music discovery application that lets you listen to the music you love, anything, share your musical tastes with your friends , your circle and discover new artists.

Allow pogo as an exception in your flash content settings. The best all around dive light, in our opinion, is the underwater kinetics light cannon eled. I’ve used a number of different sprayers for cerakote, everything from cheap airbrushes to high end hvlp sprayers. A bad update, or an un-updated flash player. Step 21 also works on the raspberry pi screen. To update the chrome browser you need to follow the following steps. If it crashes here too, check the next section. Antivirus might be blocking the torch as whenever the antivirus finds a new file it issues a warning. Fugal passage from the finale of mozart's symphony no. The black monstrosities, when they first laid eyes on him, regarded him like a stranger, but no hostile moves were made.

Meant simply for flying in fast and blowing crap up, this heavily modified version of soundwave requires some real work. New class, shockwave, is giving the rowing machine the cinderella moment it deserves. Bonjour (i’m writing you from “nice france”),. For a more detailed description of what you need to look for when assessing a barrel for choke tube installation, take a look here. It is a multimedia platform used for implementing animation and interaction in web pages. Torch browser media enables web browsing and provides internet services through torch browser. Computer that ruins your anonymity. 3-oz and ships with a lifetime warranty.

He explains what his research shows is in the fisa documents. Either outcome had its ups and downs. Bach is also known for his organ fugues, which are usually preceded by a prelude or toccata. "i downgraded this frequency to short-range, no more than five-kilometers in all directions. Their chromium based browser has been around since 2012 and within that time it’s gained many users and some interesting features. She may order x-rays to rule out other issues, since bursitis itself doesn’t show up on x-rays.

He had tested it out on a single tree to see its lethality, and was more than pleased that it still retained its power. When you tried to install that plugin it still won’t play video. I tried it and it seemed to me that it didn`t change a dang thing or in some cases made things worse. Many of uc browser’s features are media related with the built-in screenshot tool, resource downloader, video popup and image previewer. And when we say properly, we refer to deleting any registry entries related to the software and so on. Then when i when to adobe and checked to see if flash player was installed or current, it was there. Gamespot's commercial for their shockwave multiplayer exclusive.  if you notice multiple versions then this is causing your problems.

Another reason the shockwave torch is the best tactical torch for self-defense is because it’ll shred an attacker in an instant. I tried both sight configurations and either works just fine. Consequently, a few of this story's events were spoiled by that issue, like shockwave's defeat and capture, the destruction of the matrix, and the fact that the maximals have joined with unicron for reasons as yet unknown. How to avoid shockwave in torch. No silicon wafer for you. But the raspivid command is giving me a few errors:. Soundwave was present at the lighting of the ceremonial torch that carried the spark of the well to the first colony world of archon. Hard to jump back into the middle and make it work. Cloud boost compresses images before loading.

Then an option box will open, click on the power button. But as our tests prove, flash certainly makes a tremendous difference. It was… something heavy, something alien to him. Would appreciate your help, i need to move forward. Now, shockwave shares a vision of this destroyer with pyra, optimus, and bumblebee in their shared mind-space. Tales of the beast hunters. If you didn't think you could get your hands on a quality quad flame butane torch for less than the cost of a cigar 5-pack – think again, muchacho. The sight is adjustable for height and windage. Now hurry up and get your shockwave torch before it’s too late. - torch browser was crash.

How can i verify that the contents of index. Torch browser technical support & service. Anything, to strive for and renew the population's interest. To fix your flash player do the following:. When the new decepticon space bridge was nearing completion, soundwave supplied a diagram of the last component they needed. Shockwave first priority was to find the leak, which was difficult considering that he was working with some simplistic tools, not at all suited for intensive repairs. Today, flash is the most widespread standard for showing online videos while shockwave is used mostly for creating and implementing online games. Look, i want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase of the shockwave torch. Why does shockwave plugin keep crashing in torch.

You’ll lose count quickly if you ever try and figure out all the places you can’t have a gun. He couldn't make heads or tailpipes with it, but he would remember it. His wound catching up to him, he began to collapse in more pain. One of the most talked about and currently unique features in yandex browser is dnscrypt which sends to and receives encrypted requests from a dns server. I was told by some of the locals, when you find the grouper with the beam of the torch it will sort of 'stun' them for a moment or two in which you'll find the time to take the shot.

Being able to switch between internet explorer and blink rendering engines is good to expand page compatibility while extras like supersearch, smart search bar, quick security switcher and tab preview help to enhance the browsing experience. Click the "site identity button" (globe/padlock) on the location/address bar. If you face such crashes of your flash player, the first thing you can do is to check for additional plugins which are already installed. Read on as we show you how to tame chrome and get it to play nice with flash. Forcing steeljaw to retreat, soundwave proceeded to take the generator to the highest point in the city, the crown city bank building. Been bugging me for weeks and glad it was a simple solution. Flash is the justin bieber of browser plugins: it's everywhere, it does nothing useful and every time you see it you want to smash a window.

The hacking team 2015 data breach. Here are downloads, it looks like you can download a stand alone flash player here, not sure of this requires the authoring tool to already be installed: adobe. Deciding that it wouldn't harm the ship, shockwave stripped away some non-critical metal plating with his strength and began to make incisions, cutting precisely-shaped pieces in order to cover the leaks and then used the torch to weld the metal, but careful not to disturb the dust contents within. The accepted answer mentions the existence of a standalone shockwave/flash player made by macromedia. Brightness adjustment with auto ui night mode.

Chrome comes with inbuilt shockwave flash extension. We are providing here some technical information regarding your torch browser. Usually, they can be found in c:windowssystem32 or in appdata (this folder is usually hidden). Download flash installer from adobe’s flash player download page. (in other words, the subject and countersubjects must be capable of being played both above and below all the other themes without creating any unacceptable dissonances. The exposition of the finale of bruckner's fifth symphony begins with a fugal exposition. Unless they fall on the first four reels, the free spins bonus feature will not get triggered. As it’s still pretty new, vivaldi should improve further and pick up more options and features as time goes on. For your efforts on this project. Has your shockwave flash not responding and crashed again.

5 inches and only weighs 4 ounces, which is the perfect size to carry around in a purse, a car, or a pocket. Primus help you if you're in the way or you. For short change, you’ll likely find you can live with that - as you’ll have yourself a four flame cigar torch lighter that’s feature-rich like the big money models, without the assault on your wallet. You don’t realize how many web sites use flash until every single tab locks up with a crash warning—”the following plug-in has crashed: shockwave flash”. Get error “you need permission… etc”. Lol ff has never, ever been fast. After you install the plugin, activate it in the browser’s settings by checking the box. Why does torch stop working.

“we wanted to be able to introduce a whole group of people to the sport in a way that fits their needs: short and efficient,” says jay blahnik, equinox fitness advisory board member and group fitness instructor who co-created the class with world champion rower and ultra-endurance athlete josh crosby. Enraged, megatron threatened starscream, but soundwave informed his leader that communication to the surface had been cut off, so starscream could not hear him. An expert therapist can give you exercises to improve flexibility and strengthen your muscles. Shockwave suddenly lost his footing and he found himself tumbling through a seemingly never-ending spiral. What causes  shockwave flash to crash so often. The only reason it's still in existance is the deal they have with google to use the search engine.

(last time i tried changing settings in chrome i messed up , so i don’t want to take a chance on being unable to play. — video is not loading and after a while “server is not responding” message appears. It is possible to use a livecd. "fine for the most part. A brief codetta is often heard connecting the various statements of the subject and answer. “hi wally, i am using google chrome and my browser’s flash plugin keeps crashing. Shockwave flash maybe busy, or it may have stopped responding,. Moving your hip, particularly going down stairs, might make the pain worse. Fast image saver, auto scroll, custom background color for all web pages.

Shockwave Flash For Torch Browser
Safe browsing with internet security is the core characteristics of the shockwave torch . If he didn't end up...

Shockwave Flash For Torch Browser
 my friend put this on his shockwave and it immediately addressed his poi issues. Clearing the...

Shockwave Flash For Torch Browser
They showed vacuum attachments as well as drill bits with extraction holes built into the tip to send dust through...

Shockwave Flash For Torch Browser
1992 continued the new tradition of oversized, spring-loaded weapons. The fact that he now possessed two hands simply hastened his...

Shockwave Torch
How to fix shockwave flash for torch browser crashes in google chrome. At any point in...

Shockwave Torch
The gui shows the ffmpeg folder to be present but empty. It looks like someone...

Shockwave Torch
The underwater kinetics light cannon eled. Even after updating it still would sends messages to update so i...